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Communication has come a long way. From hand gestures, to smoke signals, to carrier pigeons, to telephones... to email... to mobile phones... and then mobile watches... and ultimately to psychic telecommunication ... well, the last one is still under development.

But the fact is that we're no stranger for our need to communicate to express and get our message out. 

The last 30 years of digital technology progression has spawned a whole generation who live or are connected on their phones. The need of email, which still remains today is there but it's because saturated and messy... with most people tuning out of that kind of messaging. Oddly enough, there is one antiquated technology that still reigns as a leader. That technology is SMS and messenger messaging. Those technologies still carry the high engagement rates that businesses love, but the simple messaging that users enjoy. 

We at SMBfission knew about the importance of SMS-messaging when a need arouse for a client. Since we cater to small and medium-sized businesses. We wanted to make a tool that's both feature-rich that would be also something that small business could afford. We also wanted to do away with billing businesses per message. That gets expensive! With so many SMS software providers selling their services a $.05 per message, we wanted to make it 10x cheaper! Really... at cost. Thus we decided to create a product that integrates with 3 of the most popular SMS gateways, which have an average per message cost that's 10 times less than most SMS providers. 

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