4 Different Types of Questions

Choose between 4 different question types including using star and emoticon rating systems to obtain quick feedback from your customers’ opinion.

Associate the Info You Collect

Whether you collect a little or a lot of information, strategically send various types of of questions and then associate those answers to that customer or groups of customers.

Share & Distribute

Naturally save, embed, or share your survey across multiple channels so that you can centrally utilize that information from SMBmessenger.

Utilize Surveys to Collect Information

One of the most important tactics a business can take with regards with its customers and users is to collect information about them in order to group them into buckets. The reason for this is because even if a business may offer one or few products, the truth is that they are solving various issues or challenges or different groups of customers. Those individual challenges are what either draw a customer closer (or further) from your solution. 

SMBmessenger allows you to strategically create multiple types of questions and questions which can be used in various capacities to collect various points of information, and then to further associate that information to your customer.

Did You Know?

While not everyone has a smartphone with internet access, 5 billion people in the world can send and receive SMS messages.

More Features

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