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Reach Any Customer. Anywhere. Automatically.
Customer Communication Automation

Use SMBmessenger to schedule, send, and automate messaging to your customers. Connect your data using our API or Zapier for easy integrations.

The Lowest Cost Anywhere

Most Providers will charge 5 cents a message, these costs can really add up. Just 100 messages can quickly add up to $5, Your messaging needs are your own, you don’t pay us for any messaging costs. Only a flat $10 per month, messaging prices cost 10x less at .5 cents per message (in the United States).

Feature Rich

Autoresponders, appointment messages, trivia messages, survey messages, landing pages, WhatsApp messaging are just a few of the features of this small business tool.

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Customer Benefits

Achieve Higher Engagement Rates
Achieve Higher Engagement Rates

Use SMS automation to create timed and strategic messaging that goes straight to the phone, either through WhatsApp or SMS. It's more likely to reach your customer as opposed to the 100 messages a day sitting in one's Gmail promotion's tab.

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Lower Usage Costs
Lower Usage Costs

Typical competitors charge $.05 per message. 1000 subscribers can easily make that an expensive campaign for just one message. Our model of business let's you send more messages for less with U.S. pricing around $.005, or about 10x less.

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Creative Automated Messaging
Creative Automated Messaging

Email automation is now virtually available to everyone for inexpensive prices, however, SMS automated messaging has yet to catch on at affordable prices. We use our technology to provide creative ways to leverage SMS messaging to your advantage.

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Supported by People Who Care
Supported by People Who Care

We genuinely care about your success. That's why we created SMBmessenger - to provide you with tools to succeed. We have online chat and resources to help get you setup and message-ready.

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